Must See Places in Stockholm

Stockholm is the capital of Sweden, and it is the most populous city in the Nordic region. The city, and the larger areas surrounding the city, is made up of small islands. It has a world famous archipelago just outside the city, it is a must see for anyone visiting Stockholm! Here are some other must-sees to consider when planning your visit to Sweden’s beautiful, historic capital.

The Vasa Museum: This museum is home to the best-preserved shipwreck in the world. The ship on display sunk in 1627, just after setting sail, and was recovered in 1961 in almost perfect condition. The museum offers insight into the purpose of the ship, how it was found, and how it was recovered.

Djurgarden: This is a large island just east of Gamla Stan. It is home to many museums, such as the Vasa museum, and Skansen. It also hosts a small amusement park. Some people also call this island home. If you have a free day, explore everything this island has to offer, it is like a small oasis in the bustling metropolis of Stockholm.

Archipelago: As mentioned in the introduction, the archipelago is not to be missed. You can take a short or long boat tour of the archipelago, and stop on small islands to explore. They have parks to bike around and hike, you can stop off of one of the many fishing ports and try to catch some dinner. There is an activity for everyone. Extend your trip overnight in one of themany Bed and Breakfasts.09 - Stockholm Archipelago

Gamla Stan: This is the oldest part of the city, it used to be the main part where all of the politics were dealt with. The streets are lined with cobblestones; the buildings feature that old European architecture, tons of little shops and restaurants, and incredible views of other parts of the city like Sodermalm and Djurgarden. Gamla Stan has become a little touristy, but it has not become too touristy like other capitals in Europe. During Christmas, there are a lot of Christmas markets with hand made trinkets.

Skansen: This is the world’s first open-air museum, founded back in 1891. Here you can get a real sense of just how vast Swedish history is, with exhibits spanning over five centuries. During the summer, there are traditional Swedish performances in the evening. Along with anthropological items, there are also exhibits on the animals of Sweden, complete with a children’s petting zoo. Also, during the major holidays, there are special events you should not miss.

The Best Places to Visit in Sweden

“För Sverige – i tiden” which means, “For Sweden with the times”, One of the land where the famous Vikings have lived, one wouldn’t be able to resist the beauty and rich history of Sweden. Nobel Peace prize, the famous Absolute Vodka, the ABBA, and the A*Teens with their album “the ABBA Generation”, IKEA and H and M.

Kiruna Cathedral Church Monument

Kiruna Cathedral Church Monument, Sweden

I you will be visiting Sweden; you shouldn’t lose a chance to visit the known capital of Scandinavia, Stockholm. Considered as one of the most beautiful city in the world. A city where green grass and trees, fresh air and water are still available as “Free Goods”. This is indeed a solid proof that nature can still be found at the city. Still a bit unknown to many, more than thirty thousand islands can be found within the Stockholm archipelago. Island hopping would be the best activities a traveler can enjoy here.

Looking for City breaks? Gothenburg, though small has a lot to offer, from outdoor cafe, historical museums, and the well known botanical garden with sixteen thousands species. Not that far is the world’s largest hotel made from Ice, The Ice Hotel. From “Snow Rooms”, “Ice Rooms” to “Art Suites” name your interest with ice, and they would surely be able to provide. Five Thousand Five Hundred square meter complex area includes the Ice Church and Ice Bar.

The First Marine national park in Sweden called Kosterhavet is also a memorable place you should take time to visit. A Stone throw away from the coast of Gothenburg, there are small fishing villages with those amazing landscape. Crazy on restaurants; The City of Visby is Gotland’s home for those best restaurants that this country could offer. And if you are lucky to visit here during the month of June, Artists’ studios are open for public viewing.

Don’t you think that this would be the best time for you to consider making a visit in Sweden?


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